Why see a dietitian?



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Welsh Health survey 2014


In Wales :

20% of adults reported that they currently smoked.

40% of adults reported drinking above the guidelines on at least one day in the past week, including 24% who reported drinking more than twice the daily guidelines (sometimes termed binge drinking).

32% of adults reported eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the previous day.

58% of adults were classified as overweight or obese, including 22% obese.

Better conversations


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Motivated and in control patients. http://www.ahpnw.nhs.uk/latest-news/197-better-conversation-better-health-health-coaching-resources

Grosvenor Street Physio Open Day – met the counsellor


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Delighted to have met Tracy at the open day, spent and hour and a half discussing plans to revolutionise weight management services for north wales.  A tailored approach flexible for those wanting to self-manage their care at home with the help of apps, social media and a telephone service or those requiring more physiological help with binge eating, comfort eating and understanding the issues underpinning their resistant excessive weight.  The idea is we look at improving their life, providing benefits such as reduced blood pressure, healthier attitude to weight and eating, improved blood  sugars and cholesterol.